Off when Overridden - difference in Flash and Toggle

  • Hi guys,

    I've been searching some time for answers, regarding the ooo in sequences, it feels like a bug

    Currently, I've created 4 sequences having recipes in it

    fader 201: 2 recipes for group 1 and 2, both having color Red.

    fader 202: 1 recipe for group 1, having color Yellow

    fader 203: 2 recipes for group 1 and 2, both having color Red.

    fader 204: 1 recipe for group 1, having color Yellow

    the big difference between first 2 and last 2 faders is: Flash and Toggle

    All playbacks have "ooo" enabled

    at this point, I see what I expect:

    - Toggle 204 => this is on

    - Toggle 203 => 204 is off, 203 is on

    - Toggle 204 => 203 stays on, 204 goes on

    when I now press both Flash buttons from 201 or 202, I see the output as how I suppose it to be, and the "0%" of that fader shows "100%". When I leave the flash button, this "100%" becomes back "0%".. but on pressing both flash buttons, I expect at least playback 204 to be released, but both playbacks 203 and 204 keep active/on.

    When I move fader 202 up, then fader 204 will be released.. I expect this also to be released when I press the 202 flash button, because of the values used in the recipes.

    At this point, playback 202 and 203 are both active, while playback 201 and 204 are not,.. having fader 202 at 100%. If I now toggle playback 204, I indeed expect playback 202 to be released, which happens.

    At this point, all faders are at "0%", except for playback 202 at "100%", where playback 203 and 204 are active now. When pressing the flash button of playback 202, I expect playback 204 to be released, which indeed is not happening.

    In my experience, the ooo function on "Flash" buttons will only work when moving the fader, and not by pressing the flash button.

    Is this some bug? or is this normal behaviour?

  • this is intentional and normal for temporary functions (like Flash) which executes opposite actions on key-press (Flash On) versus key-release (Flash Off)

    a more in-depth terminology for "off when overridden", would be "off when permanently overridden"

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