• I'm trying to follow the instructions for XYZ programming here but I keep getting this behaviour where the lights just point off in another direction. Any ideas? What am I missing?

    The mover (a Viper in this case) has had XYZ turned on for both modes.

    The markers are in Still mode with positions set using setup in the 3D window.

    If the markers aren't in Moving mode I wasn't sure if the Space option made a difference so have tried with two options (it makes a difference but neither looks correct).

  • That's it! Thanks Ryan. Ok, next question then... what do the XYZ values you get mean when you select the MArker parameter and enter the ID? Why do the XYZ values default to something other than 50, 50, 50? It also seems like X and Y are centered at 50 with any other value offsetting but Z starts at 0 instead and offsets up from there (or maybe I've got it wrong again?). If you had tracking data coming in for a point and you wanted to offset below that is that possible?

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