X-Laser Fixture Profile not "Fully Working"

  • Hello,

    Is anyone familiar with the X-Laser Caliente GrandMA 2 profile on a GrandMA 3 (onPC)? I am having trouble fully controlling the fixture. I cannot get the actual laser beam to stop strobing or flickering. How am I suppose to program a show if the dang pulse does not stop to even see what I am doing?? I have tried everything the profile has to offer. Please what am I missing? And yes it does have the capability to not "pulse" because when I set the fixture to a non DMX mode the laser stays steady.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. I have already contacted the manufacturer for support and they were unable to help.

  • If you use hard values (through the fixture profile) or via the DMX tester -> does the laser keeps its steady state?

    If no: I suspect a DMX hardware issue. Isolate the fixture to a separate universe... Does it stop flickering? No? Incompatible combination somewhere on the DMX line. Does it not stop flickering? DMX timing issue, but now you are using a non-DMX-compliant fixture.

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