Problem with PUL in the network since Vers.1.8

  • I need your help.

    I am working on version 1.8, showfile ran correctly in 1.7, grandMA Light with 4port (Out Univ. 5 thru 8 ) and PUL ( Out Univ.1 thru 8 ) in the network. GrandMA is "Globalmaster", PUL + 4Port "never".

    1st problem: If the network cable is unplugged from the 4port and plugged in again, Out Univ. 5 thru 8 on the 4port freezes (control display but green!). Dismiss and Invite Session 4Port without success. Disconnecting the network cable to the PUL or restarting the PUL activates the outputs 5 thru 8 of the 4Port. After inviting PUL into the session, 4Port output remains with last value.

    Replacing PUL and 4Port resulted in the same problem.

    2nd problem: all Speedmasters are out of function when the PUL is running in the network. Dismiss PUL solves the problem.

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