ReloadPlugins - force reload - reset globals

  • Hi,

    Force Reload
    When I run "ReloadPlugins" I noticed that plugins that were not changed, are not reloaded.

    Is there a way to do Force Reload ?
    So that all plugins would be re-loaded.

    The use-case is that I have code in my plugin which is out of the main() function, that interacts with global variables, and initialises my Plugin's state.

    If ReloadPlugins doesn't run this code, then I can't reset my state.

    I could write a reset state function and call it.
    But a true clean start would be better.

    Reset Global Variables
    The documentation for ReloadPlugins says:
    "The ReloadPlugins keyword is a function keyword used to restart the LUA engine."

    I would expect that to also reset any global variables. but it doesn't.
    Is this expected behaviour or a bug? or wrong documentation?

    Erez (HEPi)

  • I think this is an undocumented change of behavior for the ReloadPlugins keyword.

    Lua is used by both plugins and the userinterface.

    To force a full reload of the Lua-engine try using the ReloadUI keyword

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