Possible Bug In selection grid layout?

  • Hey everyone,

    I have dimmers in a 8x8 grid. They are selected appropriately using the selection grid and layout. What I have noticed is that when I create a phaser effect, the phase effect displayed in the selection grid is different then the layout view.

    Example: I recently created a circle dimmer effect from center to out. When I apply this effect the sequence grid displays the dimming phase towards the bottom right, yet in the layout view the dimmer effect is correct - circle center out. If I were to hit clear once, and then select the same group, the selection grid dimming matches the layout. Is this on purpose or a bug?

  • In the webinar about v1.8, they pointed out that the selection grid shows a little square dot in the upper left corner of an object. This is to show you that there are objects behind the object you see. They pointed out that this behaviour might need to be changed in the future. (To make it more clearly visible that objects are stacked onto each other)

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