Building a fixture profile for Aputure MT Pro

  • Hi, quite new to programming on the onPC platform and waiting to recieve my command wing end of this year.
    i recently purchased some fixtures from Aputure which are LED Pixel Bars with 36 Pixels, unfortunately i cant find it in fixture share or GDTF so i guess i need to
    write it myself.
    Since its a fixture which looks like to include up to 36 subfixtures I am a bit lost with creating that setup. So if anyone can point me to a tutorial or a give me ha few hints
    how i can start, that would be great.
    Attached are the DMX Modes of the fixture, I think Mode 12 (page 44) where i can control 18 different pixels should be fine,
    if anyone would like to build that fixture, I´m happy to make a donation or payment for the effort.
    Otherwise I´m happy to recieve hints how to start builidng that fixture.

    thanks in advance

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