Shortcuts and DMX output testing

  • Hello everyone!

    I've been struggling with something since I've transited from MA2 to MA3.

    On the MA2, when I already had my patch done, if I needed to test or check a dimmer channel without it's patch number, I would simply press "c", "c" or "channel, channel" and I would control directly the dmx output channel test, ignoring the patch, like this:

    Do you know if this is still possible on MA3? It comes very handy to check if there's a problem with the channel or lighting instrument without having to make the patch match the dimmer channels of the venues.

    Thank you so much, I hope I made it clear for you to understand!

  • Teresa Antunes

    Changed the title of the thread from “Shortcuts and DMX output” to “Shortcuts and DMX output testing”.
  • The DMX Tester encoder bar is part of the new v1.8 release.

    The DMX Tester encoder bar belongs to a DMX sheet window. Therefore when entering a DMX keyword into the command line, the tester encoder bar cannot pop-up. Open a DMX Sheet window and enable the DMX Tester Encoder bar by toggling the corresponding button in the title bar of the window,

    Both DMX keywords (DMXUniverse and DMXAddress) are located on the X8 key.

    DMXUniverse 1 at 100, for example will set the Tester output to 100% for all DMX channels on universe 1 (see release notes of v1,7 for this feature)