Import macro after editing with external software

  • Hello Forum,

    I'm trying to change my workflow of editing complex macro's by using VSCode.

    Right now I'm doing:

    1. Enter the command Export

    2. Click on a macro

    3. Have VScode open at folder \gma3_library\datapools\macros to edit the macro

    4. Import the macro Import Macro Library "white bump 1.xml" At Macro 3901 /overwrite

    But step 4 takes a lot of time to write and also it does not respect the label it adds an incremental number to it which has to be corrected afterwards.

    Has anyone an idea of how this workflow could be improved?


  • Just open the plugin directly and then use the ReloadPlugin after you make a change.

    I wrote something some time ago and I still use for the most part.

  • Thanks for the inspiration. I ended up with two macros

    Export Macro For Edit

    Export Collection "export4edit"

    Import Edited Macro

    Label Collection "Exported for editing"
    Import Macro Library "export4edit" At "Exported for editing" /Overwrite

    The Macro to be edited has to be collected first.

    Then run "Export Macro For Edit" to export the macro so it can be edited in VSCode.

    When changes are made run "Import Edited Macro"

    It also works for multiple macros

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