Jittering in DMX Output on Dimmer

  • Hi All,

    Since i've been updated to the new software version i have some jitters on my Dimmer channel when outputting sACN or Artnet.
    Attached a picture so you can see what the problem is. Also attached a Showfile so that you can check what is the problem.
    When you take fixture 101 and move the dimmer channel you can see in the artnet / sacn monitor that channel 25 is jittering.
    He jitters between the program value and the value that he needs to output for a sequence for example.
    When i say On Dimmer and move my dimmer value's, then everything is working fine and not jittering.
    When saying On and than take al the 3 dimmer parameters that i have and the moving the dimmer channel only he is jittering again.
    Already tried to move the Intensity's that i have ( parameter 2 and 3 ) to another Feature group but then still its not working, so the problem looks like a bug in my eyes ?
    When downgrading back 1 version i dont have problems at all so it began from the new software version. Mightbe the problem is that i made a custom fixture and most
    of the users use a fixture from the library ?

    Thanks in advance !

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