Store look + group faders

  • Hi, I’m used to have a lot of group masters on faders to build quick looks.

    So I was delighted to see store look implemented. However when I use the faders to build the looks nothing gets stored in the cues. Am I missing something?

  • I was replicating what you mentioned using Additive mode groups with the same results.

    Store>Look doesn't record the dimmer values.

    Even if I try to store the additive group activating the fixtures, when I check the fixture dimmer values on the encoder bar, fixtures one by one, they all appear as closed (zero).

    I also tryed using Positive mode. Then I selected the group, gave the fixtures a dimmer value (80%, for ex), then I used the group fader to give it another value (60%). When I record a cue with this look, the cue records keeps the total value (80%), ignoring the group fader "filtering".

    The same happens even when I am not using Store>Look.

    Hope I could explain and this made any sense...

  • Hi, I'm new to Grand MA, can you explain step by step how i can store faders, I did do the training and got my project running but can't figure this bit out, and really nned to store the faders on GrandMa 3 on PC

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