Launchpad with a Midi-USB-Host

  • If your midi device works with the dot2 onpc without any additional software - then yes - it will work.

    Otherwise - no

    Because dot2 does not recognize CC commands (which need to be converted to midi note)

    It's definitely better to connect your laptop - and run dot2 onpc in one session

    Additionally, you can also run a 3d visualizer - which supports programming

  • I Don't need any additional software. I just plug the launchpad into my laptop, run Dot2 onpc and have a session with the console. But I would like to use the launchpad without the laptop...

  • If the Thomann USB->Midi box works, this should work. How Krzysztof already mentioned, dot2 only understands midi note messages and your midi controller sends CC messages for the faders. Accordingly, the faders will not work without an additional PC/Raspberry. So you can just use the buttons on the controller. But you won't get midi feedback without much effort. So I would recommend to put temp or swap executors on the buttons rather than toggles

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