Timecode and Triggers

  • I've recreated a show I started on a grandMA2 that was triggered via Timecode. In the cue structure there are a number of cues that are triggered with FOLLOW or TIME. I've got the Timecode working no problem in the MA3, but none of the triggers are executed. I've created a work around by adding a CMD to trigger the cue, but when I'm stepping through the cue stack without Timecode this is a problem as it always executes the CMD so I can't get into the first cue to edit it. I know I can turn CMD ENABLE off/on but it gets annoying to have to toggle back and forth all the time.

    I had a similar problem last year (I think it was v1.4) but I had hoped it would be fixed by now. Any idea when this will be fixed?

  • I got the answer from ACT Entertainment...

    If you enable "Ignore Follow" In the Timecode settings, the sequence will trigger its follow cues. In this case the events within the timecode show for the follow cues will be marked with a prohibition sign on top of the event icon within the timeline view.

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