Remove MATricks from Preset?

  • Hopefully there is a simple solution that I haven't figured out yet.

    How do you remove MATricks from stored presets?

    I have several Position Presets that I have inadvertently added MATricks to that I would like to remove.


  • Edit oreset by right clikking it and deactivate matricks from there. Or just selfix that preset and then deactivate matricks and store merge/update that preset. Not on console right now so hope these work

    EDIT: easiest way seems to be that you activate matricks with all sections active and then just store remove at preset you wish to remove matricks from.

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  • I can allso check when I get to work

    U can use store / remove to get rig off unwanted MAtricks. Make an matricks selection for all used sections > store remove on that preset

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  • I tried everything I could think of :

    - edit the preset, reset the matricks and / or remove it and update it

    - selecting the preset, reset the matricks and / or remove it and update it

    - store overwrite or store merge new values with matricks values at 0 or with matricks diable (or reset)

    My matricks is still in my prerset and still active when I call it, it drives me crazy

  • Doesn't work as well

    And in another way, if I press "reset" on my matricks, it does reset the fade and delay values in the matricks but not in the programmer. Any work around ?

    I find it weird to be able to easilly enter fade and delay values with matricks but not be able to disable them with a reset

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  • Seems to work if you store the preset in a new slot.

    From a quick look I did not find a way to remove the matricks info from a preset.

    Do not really now if this is a bug, might be worth to report this forward.

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