Magic Preset not working.

  • Hi folks. I ran into a problem with the MAgic Color presets.

    Here is how I do it, maybe you see the problem:

    1. I select the first fixture (in this case FixID 2001)

    2. I set 2001 to red

    3. I select the second fixture (ID=2002)

    4. I set 2002 to blue

    5. With "+" I select 2001 and 2002

    6. I store into the color preset window

    7. I select "edit preset" and activate MAgic in the upper right corner

    8. I clear out

    9. I select my whole fixture group (2001-2006)

    10. I click on my MAgic color preset

    11. All fixtures turn red

    Its probably because I do something wrong here.

    Aswell I cant get this running for my Chauvet Epix wich have sub fixtures.

    Weird thing is it worked in version 1.6

    Thanks for your help.

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