USB disconnecting temporarily

  • In my other loved forum (QLC+); I wrote these general USB guidelines:

    The connecting and disconnecting sound is a hint that something is wrong with your USB bus or the USB devices connected to it. I always have my laptop's sound setting maxed out, to hear those messages...

    Things you can check:

    * has the laptop's USB bus full power capacity? -> energy settings, full power to USB (somewhere ... depending on your make and brand of the computer and M$ Windows version.

    * is power saving DISabled for the USB ports? <- quite an important setting here... you have to change values in the registry or use tuubtuub to find a way to change explained.

    * laptops should be in 'full performance mode' or whatever mode it is called nowadays?

    * Verify the power consumption of your USB devices; it might be that one drains the whole power out of 1 USB port, hence leaving no power to the other, hence disconnecting itself from the bus.

    ^^ use a decently powered USB hub in that case. f.i. My EntTec Pro MK2 needs to be connected to my laptop directly, for it to work decently thru long production hours. It consumes 600mA on its own, hence my USB2 port is completely exhausted... All other peripherals are connected thru a powered USB hub here (Mouse, keyboard, touch, BCF2000, touchpad, ...)

    * use proper cables!!! USB-C can provide 100W (now 240W?? :shock: ) with a 5 Amps source specified. Whatever tension (5V, 19, 24V, 48V) is used, this still is 5 Ampères! If you know a network cable single lead can have 600mA maximum, such a lead is not capable of transporting 5A.

    * [for future reference]

    I'd love you to share your experience with USB peripherals failing causes, for future reference.

    Currently, I'm not able to have 3 functioning touch displays with a OnPC-Commandwing, a powered hub, and other devices connected, without having the USB-bus reset sounds sound.
    - a decent enough setup IMHO: Intel NUC i7 16G with dedicated GPU, 3D is running thru GPU...
    - Commandwing in direct to a USB port
    - other peripherals via a powered hub (touch1, 2, and 3, keyboard, mouse, stick) 3500mA @ 5V
    - ...

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