Elation Midicon 1 midinotes of the touchpads and faders

  • Hello Guys!

    I'm new to the topic of Midi Controllers and I ran into an issue while setting up my Midicon 1. The first 9 Touchpads send out the same Midinotes as the 9 Faders or at least Bome's Midi Translator does. Does anyone have a workaround?

    I would greatly appreciate help.

    Kind regards.

  • Midicon certainly does not send the same midi notes on other buttons -

    What software are you using it with? because if MA3 - then there is no need to use bome or other midi ox to convert CC to MIDI NOTE

    And if you already insisted on converting CC to note - then use MIDIOX and you can assign cc notes a different value for midi note

    One more thing - check carefully - because CC Control Change + after switching to the next page - they send notes on another channel -

    One more thing - if you send a message to MIDICON - it will stop automatically - it's not broken - only when you receive a midi note - it switches to manual mode - so from then on you have to control the state of the controls from the software - for this preferably not to use midi OUT

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