Change selected layout in Layout View

  • Hi Forum,

    I have a View with 4 Layout Views all looking at a different layout.

    Is it possible with a command to change the selected layout of one of the 4 Layout View's, how to target them?

  • possible but not trivial...

    Set ScreenContent x.y."LayoutViewSettings" Property "Layout" "a.Layouts.b"

    x = screen number

    y = window number

    (window number depends on the creation order of each window and may change if you add or delete windows)

    a = datapool name/number

    b = layout name/number


    Set ScreenContent 1.5."LayoutViewSettings" Property "Layout" "Default.Layouts.4"

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  • When I run List ScreenConfig the result are only three items: 1 for Default, 2 for 3D and 3 for remote.

    Are you sure that x is the screen number? I have created the view with 4 layout views only on display 4 (E4) (ViewButton 7, View 19)

    The following command works but the change is only visible when manually changing/refreshing the view so not very helpful.

    Set View 19.9."LayoutViewSettings" Property "Layout" "1.Layouts.8" 

    Do we need to use ScreenConfig immediately apply the change and refresh the display?

  • Thanks! Works great.
    Ok I get it ScreenContent has the state of all windows for all open display so it only works if that state is aligned with the command. I will get around that :)

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