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  • Hy everybody and sorry for this annoying theme.

    I want to create a symmetrical circle movment but every time it goes wrong.

    Here is my way:

    1. lights stored in the correct order in a group

    2. using this group in combination with ma tricks -> X-wing 2, inverted

    3. first step : pos-preset with tilt down values

    4. second step: pos-presets with tilt up values

    5. select all steps

    6. move handle in the phaser editor ( a circle movement is created)

    7. set phase to 0-360 for pan and tilt

    The fixtures moving in a symmetrical circle but only the first half is correct. The second half is wrong -> they have not the correct direction / phase.

    Can anybody explain what iam doing wrong?

    Thank you...

  • I work with a different setup each time and wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

    It's really annoying that I have to select half the devices every time. that's exactly what I want to avoid. That's too many steps for such a simple task.

    In MA2 I can create this movement and just need to update the group and the two POS-presets.

    Now I also have to select the half, adjust the X mirror, edit the phase and save those "steps"....

  • You cab use recepies for this. Just Make two groups with all your movers that you want to sum circle. Half and half for The groups.

    Then make recepie with two lines.

    1. Line group left preset circle phase 360 wings 2

    2. Line group right preset circle Inv. Phase 360 wings2

    Now you can just update those two groups and it should work with all The other groups that include those fixtures that are on The recepies.

    Nyt I still agree that I would like this to Be easier to handle on a busking template show.

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  • No problem. I thinks so too that recepies will be important in MA3. I am working on a template busking show but its still quite far from being complete. But maun idea is that much as possible is done on sequences and recepies. That makes IT quite easy to transfer to a new show just Make a new patch update few groups and update presets that you need for that show.

  • I am not sure but cooking is not a problem and easy to achieve by a simple macro.

    I havent really needet no cook anything atleast not when assigning new groups or modifying MA tricks.

    Someone how knows recepies better than me can comment more on this.

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