Efficient preset handling

  • Hello,

    Im looking for the most efficient way to handle presets in grandMA3.

    I have my template file with empty presets, and every show I start with my empty template file.

    Since I have different fixtures every show, I'm looking for a way to manage my presets. At the moment I need to create my presets from start. Because I don't want to leave my old fixtures in my showfile ( to keep filesize low) with the new GDTF fixtures showfiles can get big. (3dmodels,...)

    In Ma2 I used the preset reference to keep my presets with my fixtures. Importing and exporting presets is possible, but handling the presets for every different fixture is not easy?

    Using universal presets could help me a lot, at the moment it isn't working as expected.

    I have universal color presets, but they only work for 1 fixturetype. So its a universal presets thats not universal ;)

    I hope someone has a good work around, I'm able to write lua scripts,...

    Its very important for me because I don't want to lose time everyday.

  • Thats the problem, I want to save my presets to use them in recipes. When I make a nice color preset. I want to use this preset later when I have the same fixture.

    Every show I have different fixtures because I work with a lot of suppliers.

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