misunderstanding with the MIB

  • Hello,

    I have:
    Cue 1 fixture 1 at Full position 1 Fade 3 MIB OFF
    Cue 2 fixture 1 at 0 position 2 Fade 3 MIB OFF
    Cue 3 fixture 1 at full position 3 Fade 3 MIB Late

    When I go from cue 1 to cue 2 the console sets the dimmer to zero in 3 seconds but does not go to position 2.

    I tried on a GMA2 which goes to position 2 by turning off the dimmer in 3 seconds.

    Is this normal?

  • I replicated this and the same thing is happening with me.

    Tryed creating a part cue with dimmer only, separating the position and dim times. Tryed different mib modes.

    The recorded position is ignored on cue 2.

    Doesn't seem normal to me...

  • I believe this is handled differently in gma2 and gma3

    the prepositioning for cue 3 takes precedence over the "invisible" (dimmer@zero) position in cue 2.

    You could possibly workaround this by creating an empty cue 2.1 with folllow trigger.

  • Actually the Wholehog II had a very simplistic mark cue creation function that had no possibility to edit the contents and did’t respect subsequent changes. Certainly not better.

    You catch more flies with honey…