OnPC Screen location reset?

  • Have a recurring issue with OnPC. Most times I have an external monitor plugged into my laptop that I will put Screen 2 on while using without hardware.

    If I open the same show without the 2nd monitor plugged in MA3OnPc still sends screen 2 to the external monitor that isn't present.

    I cannot seem to get the software to open screen 2 on main screen.

    Is there a way to reset the screen X coordinates?

  • If there is no 2nd monitor attached; windows should create a 2nd instance of Ma3OnPC underlying the main instance... ALT+TAB should bring it up.
    If you change the hardware setup in session (you unplug the 2nd monitor while Ma3OnPC is running) you'll have to restart Ma3OnPC

  • If you hover over the onPC icon in your taskbar, you should get mini-previews of the screens - if you right-click on the one that is still "on the external monitor" and choose "Maximize" it should appear on the display you actually have.