Artnet connection issue

  • Hello everybody!

    I am using MA3 Command Wing XT (software version and I want to connect an Artnet output to a macbook pro 2015 to use Resolume, or another software.

    I am quite confused with the Network connections. I’ll explain what I went through and I hope this makes any sense…

    I configured the second network port with an IP /

    Then I went to DMX PROTOCOLS > ARTNET

    configured everything correctly (Interface, enable input/output, created an enabled Artnet Data with the right universes, etc)

    At this time I was expecting to open my mac (in the same IP range, checked) and start receiving artnet dmx information. Nothing

    I checked with Resolume, Wireshark, Artnet View… No dmx through this network.

    After checking and rechecking the configurations, I finally went to the ma3 NETWORK Menu and used the same IP on the MA-Net Interface and Enabled the network.

    And immediately I started receiving artnet dmx signals on my mac.

    This wasn’t what I was expecting.

    Usually I use a main network (on the fist network port) with a different IP range to control my dimmers and nodes with sACN, and also to use remotes.

    I want a secondary network connection for Artnet only.

    Since I want ro use it as a "secondary connection", I was expecting to be able to connect this Artnet network enabling it on the DMX PROTOCOLS menu only.

    Am I thinking in a wrong way or am I just showing how ignorant I am about grandma3? 8o

    Thanks in advance!


  • You have to have an MAnet session online for The software to send out other protocalls. It doesnt have to output to any real output If you are not Sending MAnet anywhere. Ota you can just usecthe same adapteri for MAnet on this case I think.

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