Crash store/copy cues in sequence

  • Hi,

    I've got a question about a problem I have with my OnPC with command wing + Windows 11 setup (Yoga 730, 16Gb RAM GTX1050 4Gb). The problem is that the software sometimes crashes when I store or copy a cue. The hard part is that I can not reproduce it, and most of the time it is only after I am programming for multiple hours. I reported it to my local distributor, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this behavior. And if so, on what OS did it occur?

    I also got another crash possibly with the same cause. Sometimes when I save my show to 'internal', it also crashes. After a restart the show still can not be saved. When I do a 'Save as' another file name it works ok again.

    Hope anyone can help...



    Part of crash log:

    MainTask 5m02.655s : OK:Store Cue 264

    Par0 5m02.668s : ******* EXCEPTION **************************

    Par0 5m02.668s : * ACCESS_VIOLATION

    Par0 5m02.668s : ********************************************

    Par0 5m02.679s : Application version is

  • I was wondering if that is still needed. I am administrator on my PC in general, so what difference does it make, if you set 'run as admin'?

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