Creating Recipe on Default Sequence

  • Super minor but in case someone runs into the same issue:

    If you create a new show, and build either a programmer or cue recipe on the initially created Default Sequence 1, the first recipe you build will fail to work.

    For example:

    • On a new show
      • Patch some fixtures
      • Build a Group
      • Build a Dimmer Preset
    • With the default sequence selected Build a Programmer Recipe with the above parts and store it in to seq 1 adding in some fade and delay times so you can see the markers.
    • The sequence will not run the recipe
    • Don't clear the programmer and store into another sequence, that recipe will also not work.
    • Clear the programmer and build another recipe the same way as the above and overwrite it onto cue 1, create a new cue or store into another sequence and it does work.
    • If you delete the Default Sequence or store into another sequence the first Recipe works as expected and all others, including on the default sequence seem to work.

    I just double checked and this seems to have been introduced in Really minor, only happens the first time. but probably worth deleting the initial Default Sequence and re making it incase there are other side effects.

    I attached an example if it not working.

  • I had almost the same issue, I managed to assign a recipe and cue label to the default sequence.

    When I was storing a new empty cue this cue already had a name and recipe inside.

    I solved this with storing some fixtures in the cue, and deleting it.

    Im not able to reproduce this issue 😀

    (I was programming Lua stuff, some maybe I managed to change a hidden object)

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