Joining session issues

  • In version but also in

    I have desk A high priority with shofile X, desk B normal priority with show file Y.

    Desk A is in session with other network devices (ma3 nodes), desk B is standalone.

    -If I do desk B join session, many times it uploads show file Y in the session, many times crashes Desk A, sometimes works fine.

    -If I invite in session desk B from desk A, many times downloads show file Y in session, many times it crashes desk B, sometimes it works fine.


  • Hi Robonn,

    This has happened to me a few times lately in 1.7 and i can’t seem to find the cause. However the workaround we found is to load a clean showfile on console B before joining or inviting. This pretty much always allows console B to join the session without problem. Of course this doesn’t fix the issue, it’s just a workaround.


  • I wonder if this has something to do with the new Session data merge option. Have you reported to your dealer so that they can report it to MA directly. Thanks for the heads up.

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