1.7.2 3D majority of 3d objects not shown anymore

  • Hi all,

    after updating from the last 1.6 version to 1.7.2, I found out that my 3D objects like moving heads and pars which were originally imported from grandma2 are not shown anymore. The same for the walls I have set up.

    Only those fixtures from GDTF are shown.

    Any idea how to fix this?



  • Is this what you mean:

    The structure of the user library folder regarding fixture types and fixture type resources changed. Fixture types are

    now located in gma3_library/fixturetypes. It is no longer distinguished between grandMA3 fixture types and GDTF fixture
    The additional new folder "fixturetyperesources" with its two subfolders called "gobos" and "meshes" is now the location
    for gobos and meshes. Copy your custom gobos and meshes into these subfolders to be able to import them to your
    show. Exported gobos and meshes are also located there.

    can you please elaborate on where the old meshes are?

  • Hello together,

    i have the same problem and tried importing meshes from the new folder to showfile and editing fixtures to the new meshes, but without any effect. Obviously the "old" meshes were also shown in the pool and could be seen in details. Can anyone give me a solution for this issue, which is not creating whole new patch from scratch?



  • Hi all,

    I found the issue with the dissapeared 3D objects. Somehow grandma 1.7.2 set up the scale to "0". After inserting on of my fixture again the scale was at 1 and the models where show as expected.

    Question: It seems that I cannot change the scale in the patch window. Anybody any idea?

  • Scale of fixtures is determined by the fixture type.

    You can change the scale of environmental objects.

    Ok, but is there any way to set the scale to 1.00?

    "Tomshine 3" at the bottom and "MH TOM L" at the top of my patch list are using the same fixture type.

    The difference is I patched the Tomshine 3 in GMA3 1.7.2 and the scale is shown at 1.00 for x,y and z and it is visible in 3D. The other one and the majority of my fixtures in the patch comes from prior versions and are not visible. The scale is at Zero her.

    Any idea?

    I am really hesitating to create a completely new patch.

  • Maybe I found a trick:

    1. Export MVR

    2. Delete patch

    3. Import MVR

    Now the scale is at 1.0 at all fixture and everything is visible.

    But I lost all my group assignments AND the majority of all presets.

    MA, please help. Is there any way to change the property "scale" in patch? This will do it without hours of work.

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  • Hey everyone,

    yesterday i started a ticket at MA-Support on this issue. I´ve got the feedback, that the bug is known (fixtures with scaling 0 from former versions are not shown, thats the bug) and already has been fixed. Next version will have the fix included so it won´t have this issue. In the meanwhile i´ll live with this, the beams are visible, that´s enough for programming.

    Best regards


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