Rotate between two 3d Camera positions

  • So basically, I'm recording something in MA3 3D, and I want the camera to slowly move in-between two positions throughout the length of the recording. Any ideas on how to do that? Thx, J

  • Hi

    You could make a macro or a plugin which changes coordonates of multiple cameras with

    Set Camera # PosX x PosY y PosZ z

    Then recall these cameras

    The more cameras you'll create, the more fluent your move will be.

  • You could create your own "DMX camera feature" via a plugin, that reads out the DMX channels of a patched MArker fixture.

    These DMX values can be recalculated with defined dimensions into XYZ coordinates. These coordinates can be applied to a camera. After refreshing the camera in the 3D window, the new position of the camera can be recognized in the 3D window.

    When the plugin does this 30 to 60 times in a second the movement looks not so bad.

    The position of the MArker fixture can be stored into cues with fade times.

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