Two speedmasters, one sequence

  • Hi. I have a theatre show with phasers in the cues. some cues have both dimmer phasers and position phasers. I want to control their speed indivdualy(sometimes making the dimmer phasers faster and the dimmer phasers slower and vice versa) and I can only assign one speedmaster. The general idea of MA3 phaser as opposing to MA2 effects is good. But getting really tired of finding workarounds :(

    P.S any idea on size faders for phasers?

  • If you are using 1.7 u can give different speedmasters to different cues. And If they have to Be in the same cue. I would use the new measure tool to sync different attributes The way i want.

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  • Hi,

    at the moment with 1.7 you can add a speedmaster to any cue and part of the cue.

    So the workaround for you could be to store the dimmer phaser in the main cue part and the position pahser in another cue part.

    Then for each part you can add a different speedmaster and there you go !

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