MArker as a target

  • I have fixture 100 XYZ enabled and MArker fixture CID 10 (moving mode). How can I make fixt 100 focus follows Marker movements in the space??

    From Help pages:

    "The fixtures with XYZ enabled have a MArker attribute. Giving this attribute a number makes the fixture point to the MArker fixture with the matching number"

    Wich is matching number ?

    How can I assign this number at the MArker attribute??

    with encoder doesn't work.

    Thanks for Help

  • Give market a market id. And then on the encoderbar "position" winthin XYZ pages is section for marker. From there select marker your fixture Will follow. Sorry for sloppy english writing in s hurry

  • The MArker fixture needs to have its IDType set to MArker and then a CID for that type. Then for the fixtures you want to point at it, you set their MArker attribute to the CID of the MArker fixture.

  • U have to configure your target space from patch for The MArker. The default target is huge. This Allowes offset for targets and target Areas for aligment and other purposes

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