Using Thru times in Cues

  • Hi

    I am trying to program a cue where my fixtures do a single fly out but I want each light to start moving at a different time, and I can’t figure out how to use “Thru” in the delay time in the Sequence settings.

    I could make a cue for each light but it must be some way to do this differently.

    Tried both in the edit window and in the programmer with no luck

  • You can do this with Individual time:

    Set your out position, tap on the delay layer and tap on the parameter (pan or tilt) and enter 0 thru 10 in the calculator.

    That will take your selection order and spread the delay values between 0 and 10.

    Another, probably easier way is to use a recipe. if you create groups, presets and matricks you can basically paint by numbers.

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