Macro line rewritten

  • Hi Forum,

    I noticed that in version macro lines get rewritten after saving.

    From the release notes:


    The grandMA3 software translates now entered commands within macro lines or CMD fields (e.g., Sequence Sheet or
    Agenda) of cues into the syntax the command line would execute later. This helps to detect typos and other mistakes
    directly when applying the entered command. Proper names that are entered within quotes (" or ') stay untouched
    from this interpretation

    When I enter the following macro line:

    Set Layout "Dimmer FX 1"."Dimmer FX 1 Fade Out *" Property "bordercolor" FF0000FF

    It get rewritten to:

    Set Layout "Dimmer FX 1"."Dimmer FX 1 Fade OutputLayer *" Property "bordercolor" FF0000FF

    Notice Out being rewritten to OutputLayer which makes the macro unusable.

    The release notes states that names within quotes (" or ') stay untouched.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • More Command line parsing bugs. Not sure if this will work but try adding spaces between the dots:

    Set Layout "Dimmer FX 1" . "Dimmer FX 1 Fade Out *" Property "bordercolor" FF0000FF

    That does not work, the spaces automatically get removed due to formatting.

    I have also tried single quotes but that does't make a difference.

    It's a bit annoying but I'll work around it by renaming the macro by not using reserved keywords.

  • Hi

    Use : Set Layout "dimmer fx 1"."dimmer fx 1 fade o*" bordercolor ff0000ff

    Thanks that works but on a next macro line I need to give the specific macro a green border: Set Layout "DimmerFX 1"."Dimmer FX 1 Fade Out 0" Property "bordercolor" FF0000FF

    To workaround the issue I have renamed Fade Out to FadeOut

  • Your right, and this is probably because I was being fast and loose with Command Line Vs Macro Line, since it seems to parse them differently.

    There is definitely something wrong with the parsing engine, On the commandline I can sometimes have it switch Out and OutputLayer within quotes. while in the Macro you are right it always seems to change it. So I'm glad you found a workaround.

    I've had similar issues with commands that it gets confused with and without spaces. so I way probably reaching for that explanation.

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