Viz Key Connection Issues

  • Not sure what I'm doing wrong...

    Here is my setup.

    Laptop (where I want to connect my viz-key + Capture to run) has an MA-Net IP address of

    Desktop where I want to run MA3 and program from has an MA-Net IP address of

    I can get both machines running in session with NO issues. But - I can't seem to get the Vis+Dongle line to ever show up under "NetworkNode" in Network settings.

    Back on the laptop however, if I run MA3, change the MA-Net Ip to the wifi adaptop (which is currently disabled) then it does show up. It's like the viz-key has binded itself to a certain IP.


  • Correct, that is how I have it. Capture running on my laptop with the viz-key connected.

    Back on my desktop, I NEVER see the Viz-Key show up in the Network settings window.

    The only reason I ended up starting MA-3 on the laptop was to see if I could get the key to show up there.


  • Hey there,

    got the same Problems.

    Capture knows about the binding of the VizKey to an specific Networkadapter.

    the only way Capture appears in MA3 ist when set to Update Mode and MA3 thinks its on the wrong Software Version.

    Running Evrything on the same Computer it Works fine and identifies the correct software version.

    And evrything set to Version 1.6 (Latest veryfied tested Version from Capture) everything Works as intended.

    - FDVT

  • Found Solution for connectivity problems connecting Capture+VizKey to MA3onPC, because of the use of wrong network interface in the MA3-NET Plugin.

    About the problem:

    I had a problem using Capture in combination with the MA3 Viz-Key.

    I'm using two MacBooks.

    • MacBook A (MBP 2021 M1 Max, MacOS 12.6.3)
      running Capture (2022.0.30) with connected MA3 Viz-Key.
    • MacBook B (MBP Retina15", late 2013, Mac OS 11.7.4)
      running MA3 onPC (

    Both MacBooks are connected via a direct ethernet connection with fixed IPs. Ping is working successful.

    • Setup 1.1:
      After starting Capture on MacBook A, I started MA3-onPC on MacBook B. I start a session but cannot see Capture in the network window of MA3 onPC, and so cannot add it into the session.
    • Setup 1.2
      If I use Capture and MA3 onPC together on MacBook A and set up the onPC Software to use the loopback network interface (, I can add Capture to the MA3 onPC session.

    With wireshark I figured out, that Capture sends out some multicast traffic, that says something about "new show" on the loopback interface but not on the ethernet interface. Therefore I conclude, that capture is not using the right network interface. Setup 1.2 also confirms this assumption.

    • Setup 2.1:
      But now an interesting fact:
      If I change the roles of Setup 1.1 for MacBook A (MA3 onPC) and MacBook B (Capture) everything runs as it should and I can control the fixtures in Capture on MacBook B via MA3onPC on MacBook A.

    The Solution:

    The Capture-Support pointed me into the right direction by telling me, that the selection of network-interface is the topic of the MA-NET3 Plugin, which is used in Capture.

    So I checked, if there were any config files for the MA-NET3 Plugin on my MacBook and found them in the following folder:


    This folder contains the files „interfaces.xml" & „manet_socket.xml
    In the „interface.xml" is a list of the different network interfaces of the used system. In my case the loopback-interface, my wifi-interface and a USB<>Ethernet Interface, which I wanted to be used for MA-Net.
    At the beginning, the present interfaces aren’t listed in the file. After starting capture and activating the MA-NET3 Plugin and closing capture again the list will be updated with the present interfaces and their belonging IPs/Subnetmasks.

    In the file „manet_socket.xml" is listed what kind of settings the MA-NET3 Plugin shall use for opening a new session and the general behavior for session invites and which interface should be used for the MA-Net connection.
    This is defined in line 8 of the xml-file. In my case the xml said „1.1“, which I found out was the first interface of the "interfaces.xml" list, in my case the loopback-interface. After changing this number to „3.1", the MA-Net3 Plugin in Capture used the right network interface, here the Ethernet Interface with the IP

    After changing this and restarting capture, the visualizer was listed in the network window in GMA3onPC on the Intel MacBook and could be invited to the current session.

    So, this is the way to manually choose the used network interface for MA3-NET in Capture and other visualizers.

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