Viz Key Connection Issues

  • Not sure what I'm doing wrong...

    Here is my setup.

    Laptop (where I want to connect my viz-key + Capture to run) has an MA-Net IP address of

    Desktop where I want to run MA3 and program from has an MA-Net IP address of

    I can get both machines running in session with NO issues. But - I can't seem to get the Vis+Dongle line to ever show up under "NetworkNode" in Network settings.

    Back on the laptop however, if I run MA3, change the MA-Net Ip to the wifi adaptop (which is currently disabled) then it does show up. It's like the viz-key has binded itself to a certain IP.


  • Correct, that is how I have it. Capture running on my laptop with the viz-key connected.

    Back on my desktop, I NEVER see the Viz-Key show up in the Network settings window.

    The only reason I ended up starting MA-3 on the laptop was to see if I could get the key to show up there.


  • Hey there,

    got the same Problems.

    Capture knows about the binding of the VizKey to an specific Networkadapter.

    the only way Capture appears in MA3 ist when set to Update Mode and MA3 thinks its on the wrong Software Version.

    Running Evrything on the same Computer it Works fine and identifies the correct software version.

    And evrything set to Version 1.6 (Latest veryfied tested Version from Capture) everything Works as intended.

    - FDVT

  • With the help of my distributor, I believe we've narrowed it down to a Windows 11 network issue.

    I have no problems getting everything to connect using the scenario above on a windows 10 machine.


  • Interesting, thanks. My issues are with OSX (12.6.1). Still waiting for the distributor to comment.