Orange Font in DMXModes Tab

  • Have noticed something new that I can't find documented (which certainly doesn't mean it isn't!).

    When bringing in some MA2 fixture types, the DMXModes tab shows some values in Orange (see pic).

    Can't work out what this means, if I simply type the same number into the field it changes to white as expected...

  • I believe it's showing an error / gap in the DMX range. You might need to change to a different DMX Readout to see the error/gap (which also explains why typing in the "same" number may make it turn white - because typing in a number at the current DMX Readout may not be entering it with the same precision to put it at exactly the same value).

  • This is from the v1.7 release notes (Other Enhancements section):

    The fixture type editor now displays if there will be conflicts between the default value and the defined channel functions and channel sets, e.g., in case that the channel functions do not cover the set default value. In this case Show conflicts will be displayed at the bottom of the fixture type editor. Tapping it opens a pop-up that tells where the conflict is located.

    In addition, the name cell of the affected DMX Mode and the name cell of the affected attribute will be highlighted with a red font color, and the corresponding values will be highlighted in orange.

  • This is the interesting thing though, it was only values that were orange and there were no conflicts shown.

    This makes sense though what Ryan is saying and why it only happens on MA2 libraries brought in.


  • what I discovered:

    when the readout is in dec8, and the dmx channel is 16 bit I got this orange text.

    When you go to % readout and choose 50% then the value is not always exactly 128dec8. In fact it is 127,x or 128,x

    So for me the orange text is indicating that the value is not exactly what you see. When changing a dmxchannel to 8bit and exporting to a GDTF, and loading this in the webbuilder, you can get overlapping channelsets,...

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