Copy current cue of a sequence.

  • Amazing! I notice it does not work when that sequence is not currently running. Is there any way to achieve this on a sequence that is off?

    And in the same way, can I copy a cue from one sequence into the next empty cue of another sequence instead of a specific cue?

  • Last question! Show is tomorrow! How would I get the last cue that was run on a sequence? I want to make a macro that saves the current state of my busking layout to go with a specific song. This includes sequences that are not currently running.

  • I dont understand the question. Store what were? If your programmer is empty what can you save? And if U want to save the current running cues somewhere all at once in don't understand how that can be achieved. Maybe someone smarter can help you here.

  • I have a bunch of sequences on a specific cue in my busking layout. These cues select matrix settings via macros, color palette, what positions I have buttons for, etc. I need to save that state so I can easily set combinations of these things for a song and recall them.

  • Only thing I came up was something like this but it did not work as good i hoped.

    Line1: Ifoutput

    Line2: Toggle selection

    Line3: Toggle selection

    Line4: S seq (Seq) /M

    Line5: ClearAll

    This just stores all output into one sequence.

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