Cook Merge in Cues doesn`t cook my recipes

  • Hello,

    I am trying to figure out a good workflow for using recipes in Cues.

    I am doing film work so I want to be able to quickly see and change the layers and matricks in the recipe in the cues.

    But whenever I have more attributes in one Cue Part (for example DIM and Color in Cue 1 Part 0) and add a recipe for some MAtricks for the Color (nothing happens as expected), then I cook it and want to merge. And again then nothing happens and it doesn`t get cooked.

    When I Overwrite then it cooks but... well, overwrites my other informations in this que part.

    Does anybody have an idea for a good workflow with this?

    I like that with the recipes in the cues I can see my layers, fade, delay, Matricks etc quickly in the Sequence Sheet and adjust if necessary. But I am lost with why it doesn`t cook/merge

    Version 1.7

    any ideas? Thanks everybody

  • Hello,

    Yes the "Value" column has color informations.

    I just tried it once again with version 1.6 and in there my recipe cooks automatically and has the desired effect.

    I looked through the release notes again and found this in the Bug fixes


    Cook /Merge of cues overwrote manually stored data of the cue. This bug is fixed. Manual
    data of a cue is now preserved when cooking the recipe of a cue again.

    This seems to be what I causes. I have to manually store remove the manual preset data from the Cue itself to "make room" for the recipe data. Which is a weird workflow in my opinion.

    For example If I store a lot if informations in one cue and later on the DOP wants a delay swipe. Then I would make a recipe in the Cue and cook/merge but this just seems to have gotten more complicated. Any ideas on how to streamline this?

  • Cook /Overwrite should not get rid of everything - it should only overwrite information that would conflict with the recipe contents. So in your original scenario, the dimmer information should still be there. Is that not what you're seeing?

  • That is what I originally expected as well but unfortunately the overwrite of the one recipe with one attributes kills everything in my cue regardless of which attribute etc

    I mean I can use the programmer parts to implement a recipe from the start into the cue but what I wanted is to change a preset in the cue to a recipe after I stored it in the cue.

  • Hmm, I see what you mean. I would call this a bug

    EDIT: It looks like this is not a bug, but rather is working as intended.

    • Cook/Merge replaces cooked data, but does not get rid of manually-stored data (so that if you e.g. had used a recipe to initially populate the cue, then deliberately moved some fixtures for a special, you could change the recipe for everyone else but not disturb the special.)
    • Cook/Overwrite replaces the entire cue part or preset, as a way to start back from scratch with just your recipes

    I definitely understand your use case though - perhaps a Cook/HighPrioMerge could be added which would not perform a complete overwrite of the entire cue part or preset, but would only replace the information that conflicted with the recipe regardless of whether it had been cooked or not.

    If you have not done so already, I would suggest reaching out to your local distributor to register the feature request with them as well.

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  • hello,

    Thank you for the edit. I see...

    So the workflow in version 1.6 was a bug but for me it was a feature. 😅

    Yeah something like you said would be cool. I will try and reach out to a distributor.

    Until then I will try to remember to manually store/remove manual data that conflicts with my new recipes.

    Thanks for looking into it!

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