fade time from active sequence

  • Hi

    If I have an active cue with individual fade time, this fade time is used in programmer if i call a preset or a value in calculator.

    Then i need to active program time or fade time at 0 if i want to bring my spot at full quickly.

    That's very annoying..

    Does any body have a solution to this isuue ?


  • One option is Fixture x At 100 Fade 0.

    The Fade Keyword is unfortunately hidden under MA Time Time so maybe a Macro?

    You could Macro it with Selection at (Value?) Fade 0; Off Fade

  • I think it is ment to work like that. If U dont want The Fade or delay Times to Be knocked on to The programmer U have to keep prog.time on. They explained it on some video. Ahh yes its on The e learning 1.7 specials.