Onpc Ver 1.7 bug report

  • Ok. Here are some reflections. Ver 1.7.2

    Store function stops working after a while. You can see store in the command line but it does not react when pressing a for example preset.

    The same goes for “step creator”

    You see step in CL. But it does not create any steps when pressing, for example a color preset.

    I will try it from a fresh start today and see when it stops working. But this all I know for now.


    Are layers gone in ver 1,7 (patch)? If not, where do I find it?



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  • Regarding the Store and Step keywords, do they work if you type out the syntax? Or another way to ask this is, is the touch functionality of your screens still working at that point?

    Regarding Layers in Patch, make sure the "Columns" option in the top right corner is set to "Full" rather than "Condensed".