Relative position phaser tracking issue 1.7.2

  • Hello.

    So I have noticed a new issue with relative phasers when tarcking is used.

    I will attach a showfile to this thread where the issue can be reprodused. Show file is Demo show and has only on sequence created by me( sequence 2)

    So when using GO from cue 2 to cue 3 the position of fixtures will get tracked to a totally wrong positions. It does not happen if you will use GOTO cue 3 or >>> commands with these you will get the right positions. The effect has been recordet only to cue 2.

    I have allready reached out to my supplier and this issue will be forwardet to the manufactuer.

    I haven't updated our consoles so this is not a urgent matter for me personally, but for people who have allready updated might be an issue.

    If somebody can figure out why this is happening it would be grand, but if not then atleast its out there know.

    Sorry for my poor english don't use it enough.

  • Until this bug is fixed:

    it seems that using separate cue-parts for singlestep absolute values and relative multistep values, (or vice versa) avoids this problem.

    If such mixed cues are already created within one cue-part, enabling Assert for the following cue seems to be a quickfix to force calculation of the proper tracking state (as Goto does) also when executing with Go+

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