Command section not opening

  • Hello community,

    I have encountered this problem that my Command Section overlay (F3) is not opening any longer.
    I am running V1.7 but had this problem also in earlier versions.

    First I thought it had something to do with connecting my commandwing and a certain showfile I was running, as it only seemed to be a problem with that file.

    Now I have created a new file and all worked fine till I turned on my PC today (no commandwing attached with this file yet).

    command line message is:

    illegal destination list:Menu "commandcontrol"

    Any help is muchly appreciated.

  • Press the Menu button (F2) then in the bottom right popup. select "Set Dialogs to this display"

    Your will get this error message if the menu you try to open is configured to be opened on a destination (Display) that currently does not exist.

    this can typically happen if you last time used two screens and you moved Cmmandsection to display 2, and you today have (not yet) opened more than one Displa, because you have only one screen connected.

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