Thoughts about ver 1.7

  • Hello.

    I Watched the news about ver 1.7 and it is tempting to use it. There can be some useful advantages.

    But i am little bit anxious about Bugs Before a stable version.

    You see. There is going to be a bigger festival in August and i am just wondering if you guyz think that there is going to

    be a updated stable version until then.

  • Yesterday i had the Problem with 1.7 that my Recepies lost their Value (in my case some of the predefined phasers).

    In the preprogramming Session everything worked - on Location all links were gone. I dont know what caused this issue.

    After i reprogrammed all Recepies i had no Problems during the show.

  • i am just wondering if you guyz think that there is going to

    be a updated stable version until then.

    Here's the thing with newly released software. There will always be bugs. The questions is do those bugs affect you and your workflow?

    The big issue here is it will almost always be a different experience for every user. If all you are doing is patching some dimmers and busking a 120k par show I'm sure it'll be fine. However the more "slick" your show file the more likely you might run into something that no one else has or has not been listed as a known issue.

    The best way to find out is to try, not in a live or production environment but on your down time. Take a previous show save is as (showname)-1.7 and test it out. Do what you normally do and see if something either doesn't work or doesn't work as you expected it to.

    Another good thing to do is read all of the release notes, I know they are long but knowing what has been added is important to success, there may be a workflow you used to use that has been replaced or reworked that you should understand.

    In the end 1.7 seems good to me, but I won't suggest any of my running shows to update until either they run into an issue that is fixed in 1.7 or probably the first bug fix release. For new shows I'll start on 1.7 and hope for the best.

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