Adding Universe to onPC System

  • Hello,

    My church uses a grandMA3 onPC Command Wing (Windows11) along with an onPC 2Port Node 2k. All works well but we have unfortunately run out of channels. Is it possible to add an additional onPC 2Port Node 2k, or perhaps substitute the current for a 4Port Node 4k giving more universes/channels? I am a complete novice trying to fill in for an absentee LD and any help that could be offered is greatly appreciated.

    Sincerest thanks,


  • Your node 2k has two physical outputs dmx - The device unlocks the number of parameters 2048 (4 universe +).

    Update 1.7 increases the number of parameters for this device to 4096 (i.e. twice as many)

    You just need to buy any artnet gate - which will allow you to output more physical dmx outputs.

    It can be a device from MA Lighting or any other company.

    You can also use a lamp that has an artnet input and can send DMX to other devices.

    I also think - that addressing certain devices (the same addresses) should solve the current state without buying additional equipment.

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