Macro Lines

  • The 1. in front was the identifier for the global pool. But this concept got never further developed in grandMA2. In grandMA3 these are now the data pools.

    No longer need the preceding "1." anymore either, just "macro_number.macro_line"

    If you want to trigger macro lines from other data pools, then add DataPool in front, for example Call DataPool 2 Macro 3.1 (Second data pool, third macro, first line)

    As long as you want to trigger a macro of the currently selected data pool, it is not necessary to add the DataPool-part to the command.

  • I have lua condition in macro line 40 which jumps back to macro line 1.30, if the condition is ok. In lua when I do "Call Macro 1.30 thru" it cause infinite loop. Any idea? Also when using "thru" macro wait timings wont work.

  • Call Macro x.y  does not mean run macro x from line y

    Calling a macroline executes the content of the macroline ("Test Macroline" in the editor)

    so calling multiple macrolines merely executes multiple macrolines (at once).

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