Update 1.7 3D issue?

  • Hello together,

    after updating to 1.7 in 3D all models of the fixtures in my showfile have gone, only beams are visible and the truss. In patch all my fixtures have 3d selectable and visible set to Yes. Meshes are all available in pool. I tried a new render view with stock options but no success. Demoshow is everything shown, so its showfilerelated.

    Does anyone have similar problems and knows solution?

    Regards Henrik

  • Could it be this?


    The structure of the user library folder regarding fixture types and fixture type resources changed. Fixture types are now located in gma3_library/fixturetypes. It is no longer distinguished between grandMA3 fixture types and GDTF fixture types.

    The additional new folder "fixturetyperesources" with its two subfolders called "gobos" and "meshes" is now the location for gobos and meshes. Copy your custom gobos and meshes into these subfolders to be able to import them to your show. Exported gobos and meshes are also located there.

  • Hi Hoss,

    thx for the hint, i checked my usb-drive, but everything seems to be ok, i did the migration wizard do his work. The problem is also on my console, which has converted my showfile and in the meshpool all objects are correct. If i add new fixtures by import, fixtures are shown. Maybe the showconversion to 1.7 fails? I loaded a backup from 1.6, but same problem.



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