grandMA3 onPC node IP oddness

  • Hi,
    I updated to v1.7.2.0 using macOS onPC also the 2 Port Node.

    Using IP for onPC and for the node
    I get connection and the node works as expected, but the IP address informations are wrong.

    The Node shows (IP 2) in the display also the network configuration in onPC (see screenshot attached).

    But connection use node IP for the real connection to onPC, I can see in Wireshark.

    What is wrong?

  • The IP2 on nodes is used for the MANet connection (but you can select the interface also within the grandMA3 software on the node itself to use the other IP). The first line of the IP is the secondary IP address of the interface and is mainly used for broadcast protocols, for example, Art-Net (at the moment only when the node is running in Mode2).

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