System Crash when closing window

  • Hello.

    i am using ma3 onpc ver

    2 bugs to report.

    1. System closing/crashing when clicking on the window close button, without transfer user to main screen or showing “quit without save” dialog.

    This has been around since ver 1.4 or even longer.

    Result: file closes without saving and data gets lost.

    2. Some times the system does not remember last show used. The system loads a older show in the library. I don’t not remember if the system always choose the second newest file or if it pics randomly.

    This happens from time to time.

    And this bug has also been around for many different updates.


  • Qualmos May 12, 2022 at 3:17 PM

    Changed the title of the thread from “System Crash egen closing window” to “System Crash when closing window”.
  • I personally have never run into that issue. Whenever I close Display 1 I get the "do you really want to shut down" dialog.

    I also haven't had an issue with the wrong show loading since perhaps version 1. Is it possible it happens after the system crashed previously?

    Have you tried Running the Clean start link from the start menu?

  • Have you tried Running the Clean start link from the start menu?

    Thank you for your opinons. you are probably right about the crash-and-broken-memory-to-last-saved-show-memory.

    I have tried to find that start link that you refered to, but i can't find it.

    Clicking on the "app_system" does not guide me eather.

    The manual says that there is a file called "grandMA3 onPC x.x.x.x Clean Start ", but i can not find a exutable file with that name.

    There is some bit of a pussle that i am missing. Which one can it be? =)

  • The clean start shortcut you are referring to, is available on Windows. It is located in the start menu within the MA Lighting entry.

    If you use macOS, press and hold Option and then execute the grandMA3 onPC app. It will ask you then, if you want to do a clean start.

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