"Midi Remote" File loads only 1 midi line

  • Hi,

    Today I started to make a template for the X-touch Compact that I own for MA3 onPc. I wanted first to see if all midi notes would be seen on input by MA3 onPc. That worked and I started to ad midi command lines for the faders, encoders and pushbuttons. After the first 16 lines I exported my file so I had an backup. When the backup was created I moved on until I had 82 command lines that worked (I still had to add the functions to the inputs (like Master to a fader)). I exported the progress to the same file name but ending with a 2 instead of a 1 so I could track my progress and go back to an older version. But MA3 would not export the progress to the internal or external drive. After some tries I closed the In & Out config and opened it again and the 82 command lines where still there. I tried to export again and this time it worked well and a second file was created. Also if I imported the older version the Midi remote command lines changed from 82 to 16 and when I opened the last exported file it changed from 16 to 82 command lines and the midi input signals still worked. With confidence I closed MA3 onPc and did not safe my show file. Then I opened MA3 onPc again and tried to Import the latest file into In & Out -> Midi Remotes. But.... only the first midi remote command line loaded not the 81 other lines.... The same was happened with the other files....

    Does anyone knows what I'm doing wrong or is this a (known) bug? It would be nice to reopen a Midi Remote file again and not configure al 200+ lines again :S

  • Ok I'm maybe already on to something: When I create 8 lines for instance, select them and export them then the 8 lines will load when I import them. So I guess I forgot to select al the 82 lines when I exported them. I also found out that I can export them in smaller files if I want to export the faders separate from the encoders and/or buttons then you could do so.

    I'll guess my question is answered but I will leave this post here so others could learn something from it :)

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