• Hallo together,

    I tried to set a cmd at the encoder assignment, in which i call a Macro on left turn and another on rightturn. When turning encoder, the Macro is activated as wanted, but also an Go+ command is done to the assigned sequence. I checked, if there were other assignments at the menu, but nothing. Even when setting the commands at the MA+assignment, the Go+ is also performed.

    Can anyone confirm this behaviour and is this a bug or do i have to set somthing additional?

    Best regards


  • The syntax given as the Encoder Right/Left Cmd is by design applied to the actual executor.

    it is not executed as a standalone syntax


    EncoderRightCmd = >>>

    will apply >>> to the executor the encoder belongs to e.g.

    >>> Page 1.301

    otherwise the >>> would have executed the selected sequence, not the actual executor, 301

    so your e.g.

    EncoderRightCmd = Go+ Macro 1

    will execute as

    Go+ Macro 1 Page 1.301

    and run Go+ both on your specified macro and the executor

    you can workaround this by extending your syntax to do both what you want, and additionally specify a harmless action for the executor e.g.

    EncoderRightCmd = Go+ Macro 1 ; List

    will execute as

    Go+ Macro 1

    List Page 1.301

    thereby starting your macro, but merely list the executor in the cmdline feedback, rather than actually executing it.

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