One attribute thru three dmx channels

  • I have a moveled with simple mode where there is no control over different 3 rings of color and a standart mode where there are 4 instances (main+3 color instances). I prefer to work in the standart mode but most lighting engineers I work with prefer the simple mode. I don't want every time to change and check the mode on the fixture itself. My plan is to edit the fixturetype of the 1 instance simple mode to control all the rings(and neglect the fact that on standart mode i get no control over color fine). For that I need a way to send the red attribute for example to 3 different dmx adrdesses. is that possible? any other idea how to handle this?

  • Hi Doronkoren,

    do I understand right?

    You are using a fixtrue with different modes which are using a different amount of channels and you want to control an attribute which is in a different mode than that used by the fixture.

    In my experience you cannot reach attributes on DMX-Channels from a different modes in the fixture.

    Any details about the fixture?



  • Thanks for the reply. I want to edit the Fixture Type so that one attributes goes thru multiple dmx addresses. Like I said in my example: I want instead of Red(color1) going thru dmxchannel 5. I want it to go thru 5,8, and 11 so i don't have to constantly change the fixture mode on the fixture itself (from simple to standart).
    my fixture is td-lmz 2019 wash

  • Hi

    You can use relations in your fixture type.

    Your fixture has red1, green1, blue1, red2, blue2, green2, etc

    Create a virtual channel red, as a master of relation within red1, red2, red3 as followers.

    Same for other colors.

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